Around – Zürich

Zürich (CH)

June – July 2020


Stickers on proxemical criteria

In the beginning of August, Lugano Region installed a wooden sculpture next to the lake. In large red letter it says ”I Love Lugano” with the symbol for a heart as “love.” As a campaign to promote the region, it invites people to take a photo of it or with it and use hashtags #luganoregion #ilovelugano if the photos are posted on social media. CJA placed a red dot on the wooden sculpture that has has remained on it for the entire month. There have been unsuccessful attempts to remove the red mark which have left it looking sratched and ruined. In order to preserve the integrity of the red dot and cleanliness of the sculpture CJA has continuously replaced the mark once there is sign of attempted vandalism. After the first dot was placed on this sculpture, CJA has collected images from various accounts in instagram that have used the previously mentioned hashtags. Below is a selection of this images.

Re-Action / Influence 
Until today (11 September 2020) we didn’t noticed and signals .. but..