Impact Hub


Via Cattedrale, Lugano (CH)


September 2020

Stickers on proxemical criteria


One of the actions done “Around Lugano” has recently attracted our interest as more interaction in the spot has taken place with the dot. We noticed a movement on the programme for a cultural circle that is placed on the outside of the building where their space is located. A dialogue that we are deciphering.


The dots have been placed on its advertisement which are in collaboration with the Circolo Turba (Circle for cultural emancipation). The promoted event was hosted in Lugano. Due to the proximities, one of the CJA members was the “Socio 001” of this association back in 2015 when Turba took over. D’agostini Gallery became Turba’s next-door neighbor a few years later. This neighbourhood seems to be run by cultural operators.

So far so good.

Impact Hub Ticino

According to their own description, Impact Hub Ticino is a competence center for circular economy, impact investing, and collaborative leadership. It wants to contribute to flourishment of Ticino, where the various actors of the cantonal economy cooperate to achieve a sustainable and regenerative development. This includes the care and well-being of the environment and of the people.

It is a physical and social space, a place of transformation, a community of entrepreneurs, companies, government, civil society, trade associations, research and education institutions. They meet and work together to support the cultivation of the economic and social sectors of Ticino. Impact Hub Ticino is part of a worldwide network of more than 115 co-working spaces. Its members believe that the biggest challenges in the world will not be solved by one person or a single organization. Thus, they value collaboration.

For some time now we are witnessing what has already been observed in other cases. The stickers are systematically removed and CJA is documenting the event. It is interesting to observe how Impact Hub describes itself as a promoter of the “circular economy” but in this case it is noted that circularity is not much appreciated. Among other things, in one of our articles we have dedicated it to this theme.

Re-Action data recording / documentation

May 2020 – August 2020 (First one – Original)






Maybe it is not the Impact Hub or one of the cultural operators of the neighborhood that is continuously removing this red dot. However, it is interesting that this is the spot of a rapid and consistent dialogue when there are many other red dots around Lugano that have not been touched or had as consistent movement.


Wednesday 30 September 

We noticed some coincidence about the removing of the red dots with the timetable of the gallerist. We would like to verify this new hypothesis.



Figuring it out..



Saturday 14 November

It seems that the actions carried out on this side are diminished. On November 14 the gallery hosted a paint and this new case makes us think that it is the gallery owner who removed the red dot.