Re-Framing (PFZ, 2020*)

Currently under construction. (10 November 2020)

The red dot that has characterised this project since its conception allows us to remain neutral. As a form and a colour that when converged represent the origin of all of mankind (ie the sun) it is something is consistently true through time and space. As the first symbol created by humans, it is a maximum synthesis of our evolution. Our appropriation and use of the red dot allow us to research topics that unite us and explore them artistically. This year the project adopted the name of the ‘Covid Joggers Act‘ as a reaction to the pandemic that allowed us to explore the alteration of public and private environments as a result of increased regulations, reactions, changing relations and uses of space. A combination of reflection, generous feedback, and increased exploration into the topic of framing motivated us to reframe the project, returning to the name of the ‘Privacy-Free Zone’ and relinquishing the CJA name.

“Framing is about getting language that fits your worldview. It is not just language. The ideas are primary and the language carries those ideas, evokes those ideas.”

CJA was limited the scope of our project. PFZ allows us to widen our narrative and build upon prior points of interest that remain relevant. Gregory Bateson was a linguist and cultural anthropologist that conceived the notion of psychological frames. Bateson defined them as a “spatial and temporary bounding of set of interactive messages.” His framing theory demonstrated that the demonstration of information to an audience determines their perception. The word ‘covid’ in our title acted as a cognitive shortcut that placed the project immediately within a negative field of meaning.

As of November 2020, the project is reframing in collaboration with Camera F.


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Lakoff, G. (2014). Don’t Think of an Elephant!: Know Your Values and Frame the Debate. Chelsea Green Publishing.